Wedding Party

Catra Lynette Ayappa
Catra, born and raised in Springfield, Illinois, attended Southern Illinois University. She relocated from Columbus, Ohio to Chicago in Spring 2002 and is currently employed as a regional coordinator and analyst for National Cable Communications. Her hobbies include crafts, gardening, volleyball and warm weather.
Karl Robert Knoernschild
Karl is employed as a Principal Software Engineer for Stellent Corporation in downtown Chicago. He moved to Chicago to attend school at Illinois Institute of Technology, where he received a Bachelors of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Since graduating he has lived in Naperville, Illinois. His hobbies include photography, stained glass, and model rocketry.
Matron of Honor
Shannon Mathies
Shannon is the eldest child of Joe and Catra Grant. She attended Lincolnland Community College upon graduating from high school in Springfield, Illinois. She is currently employed as a National Buyer for Family Video. She enjoys spending time with her husband Scott, running, and attending her cousins' sporting activities.
Best Man
Scott Albrecht
Scott is also an employee of Stellent Corporation in Chicago where he began as a software engineer, but eventually succumbed to the lure of the dark side and now works for the sales department. When not attending "sales meetings" in Cabo San Luca or Las Vegas, Scott enjoys running and playing volleyball. An avid home theater fan, Scott is involved in an ongoing arms race with Karl over the power of their respective audio and video equipment. Any animosity this may cause is tempered by their shared quest for the finest vintages of root beer.
Parents of the Bride
Pastors Paul and Trudy Ayappa
Paul and Trudy are the Pastors of Faith Outreach Christian Church in Sherman, Illinois.

Trudy, the third child of Robert and Mary Grant, was born and raised in Springfield, Illinois. She is employed as a Senior Director for Mary Kay Cosmetics. In addition, Trudy is an accomplished singer and has recently completed her first album. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, drawing, and playing the piano.

Paul was born in India and relocated to the United States at the age of seven. After moving to Springfield, Illinois and completing high school, Paul graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Computer Science. He is currently employed as a Software Support Manager with Medical Manager/WebMD. Paul enjoys golfing and ministering to those in need.
Grandparents of the Bride
Mary and Robert Grant
Mary enjoys playing Uno, training world-class gymnasts, and baking absurdly large Thanksgiving dinners. In her spare time, she likes to repeatedly remodel her house.

Bob, a retired long-haul truck driver, enjoys beating Mary in Uno, chasing alligators in his golf cart, eating at Ci-Ci's, and warning the world about the evils of non-dairy creamer and MSG. He is on an undying quest for the perfect chili-less chili recipe, made with deer meat and green beans.
Saroja Ayappa
Saroja is the mother of Paul Ayappa. She lives in Springfield, Illinois, where she works as an infant care nurse for St. John's hospital. In her spare time she enjoys creating handmade greeting cards for charity.
Parents of the Groom
Ellen and Bob Knoernschild
Ellen and Bob are the owners and operators of Centennial Farms in Augusta, Missouri. They raise strawberries, peaches, apples, pumpkins, and other fruits and vegetables, which they sell at their farm market.
Junior Bridesmaid
Katelyn Priya Ayappa
Katie is the daughter of Pastors Paul and Trudy Ayappa. She likes playing piano, swimming and watching Mary Kate and Ashley with her friends.
Zachariah David Sudheer Ayappa
Zach is the son of Pastors Paul and Trudy Ayappa. He enjoys playing drums for his church and basketball, and celebrated his 13th birthday this March.
Shane Wright
Shane is the eldest son of Karl's sister Chris and her husband Mike. He is on the track team at his high school and also plays baseball. His favorite hobbies are fishing, fishing, hunting, and fishing. Sometimes he likes to do other things like fishing. Seriously, he likes to build rockets, read fishing magazines, and coon hunt with his best friend. Also, fishing.
Joe Wright
Joe is the middle son of Karl's sister Chris and her husband Mike. Joe plays baseball and is in the 8th grade select choir and the 8th grade school play. He likes to act, fish and tie flies, is a clown, and seems to think he's funny. Joe holds the United States Grand Champion Title for Skittle consumption.
Gabe Wright
Gabe is the youngest son of Karl's sister Chris and her husband Mike. Gabe likes all sports, and plays baseball and basketball. His hobbies include shooting his paintball gun, Legos, reading, and hot wheels. Gabe wants to be either a major league sports player or a beach bum when he grows up.