A transcript of a conversation earlier today between Katra and Kyle:

Kyle: I gotted hiccups, and they’re gone.
Katra: How did you get rid of them?
Kyle: I got scareded from the cat!
Katra: How?
Kyle: The cat. I was, and the the cat – and the cat started running like THAT! And it scareded me. And I had hiccups, but the cat scareded them away when he was running.

The Tooth Fairy pays a visit

Today Kyle lost his first tooth. He came to see me in my office, and while he was talking I thought I noticed something in his mouth. I asked him to smile for me, and sure enough a tooth was missing! Problem was, we didn’t know where it was! Katra and I proceeded to search the house until she found it at last, on the floor in the middle of Kyle’s room.

Later that night, Katra sewed a tooth fairy pillow for Kyle, which he proudly placed under his pillow in his bed. In the morning his tooth was gone, but there were 10 gold coins from the tooth fairy!

Kyle’s first google search

Kyle found a way out of his kid browser, Kido’z, and started up a regular internet browser. He then did a google search. What did he search for? What was Kyle’s first internet search ever?

See for yourself:

Rock On!

We picked up the game “Rock Band 2″ which includes guitar and drum controllers and a microphone. The boys FREAKED OUT when they saw it, and immediately wanted to start their own band. Chaos ensued.

Ian hammers the drums

Kyle working the guitar

Morton Arboretum

Today we had the most beautiful weather we have had all year, and we took advantage of it by visiting Morton Arboretum.

Time for a snack.

This is a solid stone ball. It's sitting over flowing water so you can spin it with your hands even though it weighs many hundreds of pounds.