TeeniBanini: A new era in life

Time has come for me to announce a major change in our life. I’m finally fulfilling a dream, inspired by my little one. I’ve opened a custom and ready-to-wear boutique clothing store. Right now we’re operating off of the web, and hope to move our lines into boutique stores throughout the Chicago Area.

With Kyle as my inspiration, I’ve developed several different lines and styles of Girl’s Clothing, Boy’s Clothing, and Accessories; Infant through Child sizes (mommy & me coming in Spring/Summer 06). I should be adding more inventory and photos throughout the coming weeks, as we continue to establish our lines, and forward new designs to models for more marketable photos.

Our company is called: TeeniBanini. Please take a moment to visit our site at: http://www.teenibanini.com
While there, be sure to register for our newsletter. We will be holding a drawing at the end of each month and offering discount codes, exclusively to our member list.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the pieces we have to offer:

From our TechnoTot Line, the Lounge Set. Logo T is customizable with your child’s name.

Also from the TechnoTot Line: Coordinating Jeans that feature a matching D-ring belt.

And of course we can’t leave out the girls, From our Silver Spoon Collection:
Retro Chic Patchwork Twirl Set

Here’s a peek at our Something Sweet Line:

And of course we offer so much more, from brocade and satin blankets to bibs and burps cloths. Please stop by.

But before I leave, here’s a picture of Kyle on his new Kettler Trike. I call this one, “Safety First”

Remembering Konner

Yesterday marked the 2nd year since the loss of our Angel, Konner. I’d like to take a moment to thank him for touching our lives even though he was only with me/us for such a short time.

I’ll never forget the dream I had before he was ever conceived. I knew I would have a son, and I knew his name would be Konner William. I’ll never forget the day we found out we were pregnant, or the first time I saw that little bean on the U/S screen. I’ll never forget the first time I felt him flutter, or the first time he gave me a swift kick. And I’ll never forget the day we found out the sexes – I told the dr before he even checked, that there was at least one boy in there – and his name was Konner.

I’ll never forget that christmas morning when we rushed to the hospital. And I’ll never forget the dr telling us they wouldn’t be able to hold back labor very long. I had several ultrasounds over the next 18 hours, so I had many chances to see my boys. I was able to bring in my family, so that they could also see them before it was too late. So that they could see them alive, and playing inside me where they were supposed to be safe.

And I remember seeing you flip and change positions with Kyle on the ultrasound screen. All the drs were confused, but inside I knew what was happening. And then you got stuck, you couldn’t break free – and I remember every last kick, every one. And as the final hours came, I made the drs promise me that they wouldn’t give me any medicine to dull my senses, or risk losing you or your brother. Although deep down I knew these were my last moments with you.

I remember the very second you were born, and the silence in the room. I hated the silence, I wanted to hear you, hold you, and love you. And as the minutes passed, I finally knew that you were gone. Your daddy returned to my side and kissed me on the head, and I knew. You had given your life, to save your brothers. What greater sacrifice could be given in the world. You were not supposed to flip, you were not supposed to be born that soon, and you were not supposed to die. But my little angel that I later held in my arms was gone.

I love you more than I can even describe, and I thank you for watching over Kyle. I believe deep inside that you were there with him those early days and weeks when it was so unlikely that he would live. And I believe you are there with him know, encouraging him to overcome his challenges. You are part of him, and he is part of you. You are both loved, and part of us.

I will never forget you, my beautiful angel.

Love Mommy.

Selling This Old House, Travels & the Loss of a Loved One

Well, it seems that all things come to an end – and for us, it’s this old house.

This was the first place that Karl and I knew as a married couple. Purchased two months before our wedding, it was truly our dream home. We opted to finish up our restoration projects, and sell the house for a variety of reasons – one being Kyle.

With our upcoming move to a neighboring town, we’ll also be shifting counties. In doing so, we’ll have access to EI/therapy programs not currently available to us, due to overcrowding and financial constraints in our current district. In addition, as Kyle gets older, we’ll have the peace of mind – knowing that a newly built school is only 2 blocks away, within the neighborhood and far from busy streets. He’ll also have access to play areas, near the community center – and a more traditional neighborhood setting.

We’ll certainly miss the charm of our old house, an 1897 Victorian, listed on the National Historic Register as a top contributor to our neighborhood (maintaining it’s style/original design over the many years). The house offers 5 bedrooms, 1 full and 2 half baths, a new kitchen featuring granite counter tops, and an enclosed yard with detached 1.5 car garage. As a unique feature to this area, our home has a full depth basement complete with laundry room and work shop area (Karl’s hangout). If you’re interested in this Old House, please email me for details and access to the Realtor’s site.

Here’s are some recent pictures of Kyle playing in his nursery (ignore the teething spit please, still working on molars). I love how the daily light filters through the windows. He’s getting more playful everyday! He loves studying his toys, every little detail and working part.

I have no doubt that he’ll be an engineer like his daddy – and the many other Knoernschild’s that fall in line around him. I want to take a moment and talk about this, as many things in life occur and affect us. Karl’s uncle, Gene, recently passed away. He was a great inspiration to so many – and most certainly to Karl. He was an Electrical Engineer by trade and Pilot by hobby. The year before he passed away he rode across Iowa, participating in the RAGBRAI. Gene was overcome by a rare form of cancer, and while waiting to see if his bone marrow transplant would take, his body became overcome by infection.

Gene gave Karl his first computer – an IBM XT back when he was in High School, and encouraged Karl to finish up his flight training as an adult. He had a role in inspiring Karl to be the man he is today. In our recent visit to Seattle, Earlene passed on Gene’s flight bag and gear to Karl – and I know that touched him, as well as myself. Visiting brought our own recent loss to the forefront for me – and made me that much more thankful for Kyle and the family that cares so much about us.

Kyle already has his first computer keyboard – and as you can see in the pictures above, his “big boy” room is already sporting a couple vintage model planes. We will be happy with any path that Kyle chooses in life, but helping him explore life without limits will be one of our primary goals as his parents. Although raised on a farm, education was a key factor in Karl’s house. Both of his parents are well educated (Master’s degrees), and his father traveled through Vietnam during the war helping to educate people on farming techniques. Life is a journey with many paths – no matter what path is chosen, it’s important to never limit your learning and exploration. There’s too much out there that is just waiting for you. On the last day of my life, I hope to be able to look back and say that I did I all that I could to help Kyle learn to achieve anything he wants in life – whether that be in career, hobby or happiness.

Now just a few candids… Did I mention Kyle is rolling? Okay – he’s rolling and scooting. In no time flat, he can be half way across the
room, under a chair or getting into a shelf (as he did today) LOL.

Here are a couple pics from our travels to and from Seattle. The first two are pics of Kyle on the plane. Let me see, Let me See, Let me SEEEEE!!!

So Sleepy – YAWN! We caught a 6AM flight, btw – what were we thinking?
On the return from Deception Pass, he decides to show off his advanced Raspberry Blowing skills.

And now pics of my little cowboy :)

March of Dimes WalkAmerica

Well… Now is the time! We are going to be participating in this year’s March Of Dimes WalkAmerica on April 24th. We will be walking as a family in memory of Konner, and in celebration of Kyle.

If you are interested in donating, please click on the link below – every dollar counts, not just toward our goal – but toward the finding a cure for prematurity!


Now for an update on Kyle…
Here is a picture from Easter:

And here’s the latest on his health & development
It’s been a rough week! Saturday late night Kyle began having trouble breathing. He went to bed on 1/2 litre of oxygen (not entirely uncommon), but by 5AM, he was at 1 litre, and 2 litres by 6:30. I grabbed the stethoscope, and there it was – that dreaded raspy sound I was always told to listen for – my heart sank as we quickly gathered him and his equipment to rush to the ER. We arrived around 7AM, and wasting no time, he was taken back, and an x-ray was ordered. It was indeed one of my nightmares, he was diagnosed with Pneumonia (VERY moderate +). His upper right lung was completely white. There was some hazing on the left side as well – with no clear definition of the heart (meaning that it was moving into the other lung).

We were promptly admitted, and IV antibiotics were started. Since he didn’t have a temperature, we knew that we caught it early enough. And since he had just been to the Dr last Tuesday – we had a window of time that this could have occurred. We were told that it was either Viral or due to aspiration. If it was Viral, his temperature would certainly spike within the day/next day.

Since he’s been teething (3 teeth now), he started to get what our Pediatrician refers to a “teething cold”. It consists of a lot of upper nasal congestion and secretions – but no chest congestion (just something we watch and are mindful of). He never ran a fever, but was having a hard time with his reflux due to the excess snot, etc building up and causing him to cough/gag. We estimate that if he aspirated, it had to be around Friday or Saturday morning. He was on 1/8 litre of oxygen on Thursday & Friday, and back to his baseline of 1/4 on Saturday during the day/early evening. We had no indication that there was a problem until early Sunday morning… It was just that quick!!!

So, as I’m leading you along this path, I’ll let you know – he did in fact aspirate (inhaled fluid during a reflux or spit-up moment). Not that you would EVER want your child to go through this – but if they were to get pneumonia from it… This is certainly better than the Viral version, which would have had a major impact on Kyle.

Well, back to the hospital… By noon, Kyle was up to 3litres of oxygen, and by the end of the night 3.5litres. Karl and I were very worried, but Kyle was still very playful, and his usual happy self (which I found odd for a “sick” baby). The nursing staff ordered up the vapotherm (canulized cpap) in the even that we needed it – but fortunately, we didn’t! By Monday night, we were back to 2 litres, and Tuesday morning 1 litre… By noon we were at 1/4 litre (his baseline). It appears that the medicine was doing the trick. We were released from the hospital at 9PM last night (Tuesday) – which is record breaking time for a child with Chronic Lung Disease/BPD.

I should add that in addition to the antibiotic, he was given steroids (prednisolone) and Albuterol Nebs. He will remain on those to finish the course: 10 day course for the Antibiotics, 5 day course for the steroids, and 7 day weaned course for the albuterol.

Well, in all – we can’t be thankful enough to the wonderful medical staff that cared for him, and was so quick to respond!!! If you live in the Naperville, IL area, I strongly recommend that you take advantage of Edwards Hospital and their Pediatric ER. The team is top notch, and they waste no time at all calling in the right support.

On an upnote…
Kyle is rolling over now like a champ! I can’t tell you what a major milestone this is for us. He’s been sitting for months, but even in that he’s getting stronger… But the rolling – well, I’m just so proud of him that it’s too hard to describe! In the past two months he has made major developmental improvements – and he’s so determined!!! Tonight I went to put him on his belly, and he even pulled his knees underneath in the crawling position. And for a moment, he put his weight on his hands (he hates doing that).

One day at a time – one milestone at a time… I’m just so proud of my little guy!

And here’s one more picture of him. This time reading his book from Mamaw & Papa K…