Entertainment center to Breakfast Station conversion

Our 11 year old Sony TV died recently,  so we were reluctantly forced to upgrade to a fancy new LED TV. The new TV doesn’t fit in our entertainment center,  and for a while we were uncertain what to do with it. We paid too much to just put it on the curb,  but we would never get anything for selling it.

Then Katra had the brilliant idea (inspired by Pintrest) to convert it into a breakfast station.  We would be able to keep the entertainment center,  which conveniently fits in a corner of our kitchen,  while also clearing up the counter space currently occupied by the microwave,  toaster,  and coffee maker.


This unit came with a removable shelf at the bottom of the tv cavity. I suspended the shelf on threaded rod wrapped in aluminum tubes which I painted with clear lacquer.


Everything fits perfectly,  and we were even able to use some old granite countertop pieces that had been collecting dust in the garage for the past 8 years.

Guitar Recital

Fox River Academy held a guitar recital today at the Oswego Village Hall. Here are videos of a few of the songs from that performance:

Gaillarde, Traditional 16th Century

Passepied, G.P. Telemann (1681-1767)

Gigue by Johann Anton Logy (ca 1650-1721)
This was the first of my two solo pieces.

Waltz by Ferdinando Carulli (1770-1841)
My second solo piece.

Black Orpheus, Luiz Bonfa (1922-2001)
Three of us play improvised solos in this piece: first my instructor Ron, then me, then Bill.

Cueca, Augustin Barrios (1885-1944)
In this piece I play the bass part.

Ballet, M. Praetorius (1571-1621)

Welcome to version 4.0!

It was high time for a visual update to my website, so here it is, the 4th major redesign in knoernschild.org history! From this…

…to what you see now. This is a brand new theme I designed from scratch. It’s still a work in progress, and I will continue to update and polish it over time, but it is already more functional and beautiful than the old one.

The design carries over the pinstripe background from the old theme, but in a bright blue instead of the dark green used formerly. Other than that, it’s all new.

The largest functional change is the redesigned front page. Now, instead of just showing a list of the most recent blog posts, the front page has a photo slideshow, excerpts from the 3 most recent blog posts, and a table of links to other sites and to other subpages on knoernschild.org. A lot of subpages that I have neglected for a long time are now back online, including our wedding and house pages.

Our Trip To Holland

Katra and I had the opportunity to take a kid-free vacation for a few days, so we headed across the pond to Holland. Holland, Michigan, that is. The Holland/Saugatuck area is a big vacation spot on the Lake Michigan coast of the lower peninsula. When we went at the end of March, the weather was starting to warm up but it wasn’t yet crowded with tourists as it is in the summer.

Saugatuck is on the north side of Kalamazoo Lake. Here’s a view along the lakeshore towards the eastern end of Saugatuck.

A panorama of the Saugatuck shoreline

This big old tree grows along the lake behind the Saugatuck Village Hall

We never did figure out what this building was originally for. It has some old, rusted, and very odd looking equipment inside that we couldn’t identify.

Windmill Island in Holland

Tulips and daffodils were already in bloom, about a month early. Not good news for the annual Tulip Festival the next month.

Along the Lake Michigan shore north of Fennville

Kollen Park in Holland, Michigan

The beach at Holland State Park

A NOAA weather station on the pier at Holland State Park

The 2012 Pinewood Derby Lineup

Our new Pinewood Derby cars are finally complete, after about 1-1/2 months of work. I did the rough shaping and painting, but Kyle and Ian both picked out their designs, sanded their cars, put on stickers, and hammered on the wheels. They look pretty nice, now we just have to wait until February to see if they drive nice.

Left to right:
Skull Candy (Ian)
The Wolverine Wedge (Kyle)
The Green Streak (Me)