Ian Graduates From Preschool

Ian graduated from Brokaw Early Learning Center today, and is on his way to Kindergarten!

The kids performed a song and dance

Ian receives his diploma

Ian receives his diploma

Ian looking for Mom & Dad in the audience. We had to coax him a little to get him to stay with the other kids

Ian with his best buddy Aiden

The new graduate

Ian with his teacher Ms. Nyah (who was also Kyle’s teacher at the ELC)

Rocks on the Fox

On an unseasonably warm day we took a drive down to Yorkville to get some ice cream and throw some rocks in the Fox River.

Lightning McQueen

Captain America

On the way home, we stopped at Hudson Crossing Park in Oswego so the boys could run off some energy.

Easter 2012

The day before Easter, we went to the Bunny Hop event in Oswego. The boys met the Easter Bunny and some real bunnies, had their faces painted, and picked up a big load of candy.

On Easter morning, Kyle & Ian woke up to find baskets of goodies left by the Easter Bunny.

Next the boys hunted around to find the other goodies left around the house by the Easter Bunny.

My favorite part of Easter: the homemade cinnamon rolls I made