The Easter Bunny visited!

The Easter Bunny made his annual visit to the house, consumed some carrots, and left copious amounts of candy behind as payment. He’s tricky, though – he hides the candy, presumably to occupy us for long enough for him to escape before we discover the missing carrots. Foiled again!

You can spot plenty of candy just in this picture

Kyle looks like he’s up to no good in that last picture. Better not let the Easter Bunny see that face!

Christmas 2010

Barely contained excitement

Time to measure something!



Digging deep...

Any more in there?


Homemade chicken pot pie for dinner. I used cookie cutters to cut out the puff pastry.

Time to decorate cookies!

Grandpa Paul, Grandma Trudy, Katie, Zach and Grandma also came to visit:

There are some gifts that are so thoughtful, so precious, that you are left wondering how you lived your life without them. This is not one of those gifts.

Halloween 2010

This year Kyle went as Superman, and Ian decided to wear Kyle’s pirate costume from a couple of years ago. They both had parties at school, including parades, then came home to begin the Trick-or-Treating. Later that night Katra and I went out and terrorized some neighbors with our vampire costumes.

Ian at his school party

Kyle during his school parade

Superman is mummified with toilet paper. This photo made it into the yearbook.

Kyle with some of his buddies. This photo was also in the yearbook.

Making some Halloween cakes

Ian helps stir

Arrrrrrrrrrr, me maties!

Up, up and away!

Here we have a very rare breed of pirate, the Vampirate.

Vamping it up

Here comes the Easter Bunny

The boys woke up to find presents from the easter bunny waiting on the kitchen table

Kyle shows off his new Perry the Platypus shirt

My very own tape measure

The easter egg hunt begins

Kyle finds an egg that Spike was trying to eat

Ian knows what my favorite is

Here's mommy's favorite

Comparing the haul