First tulip of spring

Some of the plants I grew from seed.

More progress on the pathway. I’m hoping to finish it this year so I can spend the next 3 years working on and off on a different project. ;)

The vegetable garden, where we will have peas, beans, edamame, carrots and lettuce. There are also some shallots coming up from last year, which was a bit of a shock.

Mama Robin is back again this year. She had just finished building this new nest when I took this photo. Now (May 4) there are 4 eggs in the nest.

One day’s harvest

from the Knoernschild farm, Oswego annex. This doesn’t include about 8-10 pounds of Better Boy, Roma and grape tomatoes Katra also picked that day.

This is from about 2 weeks ago. The vegetable garden has since been overrun by a mutant squash plant. The National Guard has been notified.