Angry Birds Birthday Party Madness

The theme for Kyle and Ian’s combined birthday party this year was Angry Birds Training Academy. We held it at a local gymnastics gym where the boys were able to jump, run around and go crazy like any angry bird.

Ian proves once again that he has no fear

Kyle with his buddy Shane

Kyle displaying his "I'm totally cool" face

Ian walks the balance beam

Ready to jump!

Crazyness on the inflatable slide

Trapped in the foam pit

My turn. It's a lot easier to get in than to get out

The whole flock of Angry Birds

Time for snacks and cupcakes!

One of the amazing Angry Birds cupcakes Katra ordered

2012 Pinewood Derby

The 2012 Pinewood Derby was held today.

The newly refurbished track

Trophies ready to hand out to the winners

The Wolf den cars. Kyle's is the second from the right in the front (#24)

The sibling cars. Ian's is the purple one in the middle.

The parent cars. Mine is the green and black one in the middle row

Waiting for the races to begin

Kyle's car ready to race

And they're off!

It's a close one...

Kyle sets a track record!

Kyle places second among the Wolf scouts

Ian's car ready to race

Ian wins the heat!

My car ready to race

Kyle shows off his "Best Use of the Color Blue" award

Kyle with his second place trophy

The 2012 Pinewood Derby Lineup

Our new Pinewood Derby cars are finally complete, after about 1-1/2 months of work. I did the rough shaping and painting, but Kyle and Ian both picked out their designs, sanded their cars, put on stickers, and hammered on the wheels. They look pretty nice, now we just have to wait until February to see if they drive nice.

Left to right:
Skull Candy (Ian)
The Wolverine Wedge (Kyle)
The Green Streak (Me)


This afternoon we watched the John Greene Polo Invitational at Arranmore Farm. There were bounce houses, pony rides, ice cream, bad 80’s music, and of course, polo.

Katra sets up our huge spread of amazing food

The Oswego Fire Department presents the colors. A particularly poignant moment on this anniversary.

The teams gather on the field...

And they're off!

Enjoying the match

Ian poses by a goal post after the end of the game.

Kyle poses by a goal post

The Blackberry Farm Clydesdales parade the players across the field after the end of the game

Stomping divots