Kyle turned 2 on the 30th. What a major milestone! He’s so very in to elmo these days. So of course, Elmo was the theme of the party. And he just couldn’t take his eyes off of the mylar of Elmo’s Head, LOL. It was a great party. My Mother & Father in law both came in, as well as several of our friends and close neighbors. Well, anyway. here are a couple pictures.

Remembering Konner

Yesterday marked the 2nd year since the loss of our Angel, Konner. I’d like to take a moment to thank him for touching our lives even though he was only with me/us for such a short time.

I’ll never forget the dream I had before he was ever conceived. I knew I would have a son, and I knew his name would be Konner William. I’ll never forget the day we found out we were pregnant, or the first time I saw that little bean on the U/S screen. I’ll never forget the first time I felt him flutter, or the first time he gave me a swift kick. And I’ll never forget the day we found out the sexes – I told the dr before he even checked, that there was at least one boy in there – and his name was Konner.

I’ll never forget that christmas morning when we rushed to the hospital. And I’ll never forget the dr telling us they wouldn’t be able to hold back labor very long. I had several ultrasounds over the next 18 hours, so I had many chances to see my boys. I was able to bring in my family, so that they could also see them before it was too late. So that they could see them alive, and playing inside me where they were supposed to be safe.

And I remember seeing you flip and change positions with Kyle on the ultrasound screen. All the drs were confused, but inside I knew what was happening. And then you got stuck, you couldn’t break free – and I remember every last kick, every one. And as the final hours came, I made the drs promise me that they wouldn’t give me any medicine to dull my senses, or risk losing you or your brother. Although deep down I knew these were my last moments with you.

I remember the very second you were born, and the silence in the room. I hated the silence, I wanted to hear you, hold you, and love you. And as the minutes passed, I finally knew that you were gone. Your daddy returned to my side and kissed me on the head, and I knew. You had given your life, to save your brothers. What greater sacrifice could be given in the world. You were not supposed to flip, you were not supposed to be born that soon, and you were not supposed to die. But my little angel that I later held in my arms was gone.

I love you more than I can even describe, and I thank you for watching over Kyle. I believe deep inside that you were there with him those early days and weeks when it was so unlikely that he would live. And I believe you are there with him know, encouraging him to overcome his challenges. You are part of him, and he is part of you. You are both loved, and part of us.

I will never forget you, my beautiful angel.

Love Mommy.

Not. Enough. Time.

I apologize for my growing delays in updates. Things have been so crazy since the move. Yes, we did sell our house, and we moved into our new home – which is beautiful. Kyle has made a wonderful transition into the new house, and is developing beyond our wildest expectations.

At last blog, we discuss how he was starting to move around, and could stand for a few seconds unassisted. Well, I’m happy to report that Kyle is a full blown crawler. He can even climb the entire staircase by himself – he can even move the obsticles and gates that block him from climbing the staircase by himself (:twitch).

In addition, Kyle is cruising. Slowly, but steadily. He loves standing, and will stand at his Leap Frog Learning table for a solid hour if he’s so inclined. But the very best news of all – well, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

He still prefers crawling, because he can get from here to there faster. However, he knows what a big boy he is using the walker.

As we prepare for Christmas, our excitement grows more each day. Kyle is continually showing more interest in Mr. Christmas Tree, and daddy is quickly learning that we shouldn’t place the special glass ornaments anywhere near the bottom, LOL.

In other news, Kyle is growing closer to his 2nd birthday. Preperations are underway, so look for pictures after the holidays. Furthermore, we are happy to report that he has been oxygen free since his last illness in August. And, he is finally gaining weight again. Last check was yesterday (RSV Shot day), he weighed in at a whopping 25lbs 4oz. Two whole pounds more than the prior month. More proof that he is doing better, and this transition was truely positive for us all.

Here are some pics over the past couple of months, since you’ve missed so much.

Tackling the stairs with Daddy, in search of the ever elusive Ms. Savannah



And just a day at the park with Mommy & Daddy

Tah-Dah!!! Look at what I can do!

That’s right, Kyle has been practicing standing. We have shoe sole inserts that help, but he’s finally showing an intrest. He’s even pulling himself up to his knees to play with his Leap Frog Activity Table. In addition, he’s starting to crawl. No more than 2 steps forward, but he crawls backward and swirls to the sides very well.

More to come…

Surgery Avoided (for now) – and We’re Home!

Kyle is home, playing – and doing great. Some of the tests revealed that he is not aspirating, rather his stomach is very slow to empty – and causing him to more or less explode. The typical medicinal route is Reglan or erythromycin. Reglan is NOT the couse we intend on following, due to serious, irreversible side-effects in long term use studies (neurological damage). In addition, it’s not been tested or recommended for use on children – or for long-term use for that matter! Ugh, don’t get me started on reglan, it makes me sick to think of what doctors will knowingly prescribe to children without fully disclosing the risks.

So, needless to say, we’ll be going with erythromycin. Kyle’s scheduled to meet with his GI dr next week, but should have the script tomorrow. His GI doctor is not affiliated with Loyola, and we wanted to remain under his care for the remaining GI issues that Kyle has.

Should the medicine not work, we will be again facing surgery.

Also important to note – Kyle is back to his baseline of oxygen (1/8 litre at night, nothing during the day), and otherwise back to his happy – overly talkative self :)

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers during this time.