Box of Bees!

Real estate in our neighborhood is pretty hot right now, at least for the bees. There are at least three separate swarms in our neighborhood today. This particular hive, on their way to a new home, decided to  swarm on one of our crabapple trees today. That would be the crabapple tree that is 10 feet away from our playground, conveniently. At least they decided to do this during school hours.




The local beekeeper came out and managed to brush many of the bees (including the queen, apparently) into a box, and the rest followed.

Box-o-bees. Would also make a lovely Christmas present.

Rocks on the Fox

On an unseasonably warm day we took a drive down to Yorkville to get some ice cream and throw some rocks in the Fox River.

Lightning McQueen

Captain America

On the way home, we stopped at Hudson Crossing Park in Oswego so the boys could run off some energy.

Easter 2012

The day before Easter, we went to the Bunny Hop event in Oswego. The boys met the Easter Bunny and some real bunnies, had their faces painted, and picked up a big load of candy.

On Easter morning, Kyle & Ian woke up to find baskets of goodies left by the Easter Bunny.

Next the boys hunted around to find the other goodies left around the house by the Easter Bunny.

My favorite part of Easter: the homemade cinnamon rolls I made