House / Elevation

October 5

The driveway and sidewalk are complete

September 29

The siding is installed and the sidewalk is complete.

September 26

The entryway columns have been installed

September 23

Brick is installed and acid washed.

September 11

Brick installation is complete, although the brick has

not been acid washed yet.

September 8

They have started installing the brick.

September 3

The garage door in installed.

September 1

Additional trim has been installed, and the front door sidelights are in. Our brick has been delivered to the site, you can see the three pallets in the yard to the right of the garage.

August 30

All of the windows are installed, and work on the trim has started.

August 24

The roof is completely shingled, and all but the two front lower windows are installed.

August 21

About half of the roof is shingled.

August 19

The roofing underlayment has been started.

August 16

The roof is completely sheathed, and the dormers and porch are complete.

August 15

The roof is about 2/3 sheathed.

August 10

The roof trusses are about 2/3 done.

August 9

The second floor is framed and the first roof trusses are going in.

August 8

The second floor is partially framed

August 4

The second floor deck is complete.

August 3

The first floor walls are framed.

August 2

The first floor exterior walls are in place.

July 24

The front steps are poured, with the forms still in place.

July 19

The foundation has been backfilled.