Welcome to version 4.0!

It was high time for a visual update to my website, so here it is, the 4th major redesign in knoernschild.org history! From this…

…to what you see now. This is a brand new theme I designed from scratch. It’s still a work in progress, and I will continue to update and polish it over time, but it is already more functional and beautiful than the old one.

The design carries over the pinstripe background from the old theme, but in a bright blue instead of the dark green used formerly. Other than that, it’s all new.

The largest functional change is the redesigned front page. Now, instead of just showing a list of the most recent blog posts, the front page has a photo slideshow, excerpts from the 3 most recent blog posts, and a table of links to other sites and to other subpages on knoernschild.org. A lot of subpages that I have neglected for a long time are now back online, including our wedding and house pages.