First Trip to the Arch

Today we went to the arch for the first time with Kyle and Ian.

In line on our way to the elevators

Kyle pulls the handle for the boat horn with some help from Mark Twain

Who weighs more?

Outside the elevators

Inside the tiny, egg-shaped elevator car. Ian fits in here a lot better than I do

630 feet down

A panorama of the east side of the Mississippi

Downtown St. Louis

Heading back down. At this point Ian told me he wanted to take the stairs all the way to the bottom (we took the elevator).


Someone throw a stick!

Proof that Hurley can run on water if he wants that stick badly enough


Why is everybody laughing at me?

Clean, dry and algae-free

Morning in America

Ian: Daddy, do you work every day?

Me: Yes, every day of the week.

Ian: Daddy? What was the first day?

Me: You mean the first day I worked?

Ian: No, the first day.

Me: The first day ever?

Ian: No, the first day when it was Morning in America.

Can someone please explain to me why my 5-year-old is quoting Ronald Reagan?

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Ian and Kyle doing a Mythbusters experiment. The pen in the middle is a bomb. The experiment seems to involve the bomb blowing up and then… Well, I’m not really sure what happens next.