How Preschoolers Multi-task in the Age of Technology

Ian: Mommy, I need to write Google Earth.

Katra: What do you want to write them?

Ian: I want to ask them what the cold planets are again, I will show you which ones.

Katra: I will show you.

Ian: No, I want you to write them. And say that Ian Likes Planets. Also, I want you send an email Pablo’s Mom, and tell him that I like planets.

Katra: Who is Pablo?

Ian: He is at my school.

Katra: What does he have to do with Google Earth?

Ian: He just has to see what I like.

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Columbus, Ohio

At 2pm on Friday before Memorial Day weekend, we decided on a whim to take a weekend trip down to Columbus, Ohio.

Six foot tall concrete corn cobs: The main reason we drove to Columbus (not really)

Our next stop was the Graeter’s Ice Cream factory, home of some of the best ice cream anywhere

The production room at Graeter’s Ice Cream

Scoops & Chutes, the indoor playground at the Graeter’s factory

Kyle examines an antique ice cream machine

For lunch we stopped at the Schmidt’s Sausage Haus und Restaurant for some authentic German food.

Our next stop was at COSI. Katra worked here for a time when she lived in Ohio.

This is a gigantic wire model of a human skeleton that is suspended above the atrium

Two against one, but I think Ian may win out of pure enthusiasm

Kyle standing in front of a scale model of COSI that used to be in the office where Katra worked

This was one of the best exhibits in the museum. It is an animated map of Mt. Rainier and the surrounding area. You can move the little cloud shapes around to see the paths water flows when it rains in that area, and the magnifying glass shape causes the map underneath to be dynamically zoomed in.

Ian lands on the moon

Our two newest astronauts

Kyle and Ian inside the submarine

Kyle pilots a tiny remote controlled submarine. The screen shows a live feed from a camera built in to the submarine.

Ian watching the remote controlled submarine move around

An actual antique horse carriage, in a very authentic recreation of an old blacksmith shop. Complete with authentic exit sign.

The latest in cooking technology

Probably the only time in Ian’s life when he will do this

Kyle lifts himself with the aid of some pulleys.

78 MPH wind tunnel test

Last we visited the replica of the Santa Maria along the river

Worn out from a busy weekend

Ian Graduates From Preschool

Ian graduated from Brokaw Early Learning Center today, and is on his way to Kindergarten!

The kids performed a song and dance

Ian receives his diploma

Ian receives his diploma

Ian looking for Mom & Dad in the audience. We had to coax him a little to get him to stay with the other kids

Ian with his best buddy Aiden

The new graduate

Ian with his teacher Ms. Nyah (who was also Kyle’s teacher at the ELC)

Box of Bees!

Real estate in our neighborhood is pretty hot right now, at least for the bees. There are at least three separate swarms in our neighborhood today. This particular hive, on their way to a new home, decided to  swarm on one of our crabapple trees today. That would be the crabapple tree that is 10 feet away from our playground, conveniently. At least they decided to do this during school hours.




The local beekeeper came out and managed to brush many of the bees (including the queen, apparently) into a box, and the rest followed.

Box-o-bees. Would also make a lovely Christmas present.