Christmas 2011

Kyle and Ian set out cookies and milk for Santa Claus

Bill has a private moment with his Christmas present, a catnip-infused sushi toy

Savannah jealously guards her Christmas present

The new tree in all its glory

A Christmas miracle - the boys sitting still for a photo BEFORE opening their presents!

Kyle Bird

Ian Bird

Captain America, to the rescue!

10:30 am, and time for a nap.


The 2012 Pinewood Derby Lineup

Our new Pinewood Derby cars are finally complete, after about 1-1/2 months of work. I did the rough shaping and painting, but Kyle and Ian both picked out their designs, sanded their cars, put on stickers, and hammered on the wheels. They look pretty nice, now we just have to wait until February to see if they drive nice.

Left to right:
Skull Candy (Ian)
The Wolverine Wedge (Kyle)
The Green Streak (Me)

How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree

  1. Set up your tree
  2. Install lights
  3. Install garland
  4. Install ornaments
  5. Enjoy
  6. Reach behind the tree to plug in the lights that your four year old unplugged
  7. Knock over tree
  8. *%#@(*$&%#@!!!!!!
  9. Clean up broken ornaments
  10. Put unbroken ornaments back in boxes
  11. Tell yourself, “Well, it could have been much worse.” Yeah, just keep telling yourself that. That’ll work.
  12. Take down old tree and put it on the curb. It was 15 years old anyway
  13. Buy a new tree
  14. Tell yourself, “Well, we were planning on getting a new one soon anyway.”
  15. Wait for UPS to deliver new tree
  16. Set up new tree
  17. Decide expensive new tree looks worse than 15 year old broken tree, call to have new tree returned
  18. Order new tree #2. Go really overboard this time and order a 10 footer
  19. Wait for UPS to deliver new tree #2
  20. Set up new tree #2. Marvel at how nice it looks
  21. Wait two days
  22. Install ornaments
  23. Take photos of new tree #2
  24. Write a snarky post on your blog titled, “How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree”
  25. Wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!