This afternoon we watched the John Greene Polo Invitational at Arranmore Farm. There were bounce houses, pony rides, ice cream, bad 80’s music, and of course, polo.

Katra sets up our huge spread of amazing food

The Oswego Fire Department presents the colors. A particularly poignant moment on this anniversary.

The teams gather on the field...

And they're off!

Enjoying the match

Ian poses by a goal post after the end of the game.

Kyle poses by a goal post

The Blackberry Farm Clydesdales parade the players across the field after the end of the game

Stomping divots


Ian loves “orange juice”

We’re sitting at a local restaurant waiting for our dinner.

Ian: I want orange juice!
Me: I don’t think they have orange juice here.
Ian: Yes they do. Look! (he points to a pitcher of beer on a nearby table)
Katra: No, honey, that’s not orange juice, that’s beer. That’s only for mommies and daddies.
Ian: Oh… I love that kind of drink.
Katra and me: (exchange concerned looks)

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