Florida Drift Diving

I just returned from five days of drift diving in West Palm Beach, Florida. Despite Hurricane Irene passing through in the middle of our trip, it was a great time and we completed a number of good dives.


The swimming pool and cabana at The Scuba Club in West Palm Beach

A view from our suite


Scott preps his gear for our second day of diving

View of The Scuba Club from the boat

Getting ready to head out for a dive. Hurricane, schmuricane.

Thursday morning. Hurricane Irene rolls by.

So we can't dive because of the hurricane. Hey, I know! Let's go to the beach! Here Darrick discusses swimming in a hurricane with the lifeguard.


The pelicans were loving it

It was nice knowing you, Darrick.


The morning after the hurricane passed

Time for more diving!

The diving group on our way back home. (L-R): Terry, Darrick, Laurie, Tom, Scott, and me






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