Cabernet Cabaret

Arranmore Center for the Arts held the Cabernet Cabaret event today on the lawn at Arranmore Farm. The wine was provided by Coopers Hawk winery, and the music was provided by a fantastically talented group of performers. It was a great evening, the first of many.

Katra and I also celebrated our eighth anniversary tonight (a few days early). Happy anniversary!

The lawn during setup

The stage

Another view of the lawn

Event patrons were invited to walk over to the next county for a glass of wine. (Seriously. Fortunately the next county was not too far of a walk!)

The crowd begins to gather

After a brief drizzle, the musicians came out to begin what turned out to be an incredible few sets of songs

In addition to the countless hours Katra spent working on this event, I did some graphic design. Here’s one of the posters I made up for the event:

Dare to be different

Continuing in Ian’s clothing adventures, this morning I gave Ian a shirt, shorts, and underwear to put on. He put his shirt on backwards, his shorts on backwards, and his underwear on inside out. I’m glad I didn’t give him socks, they might have ended up on his hands!

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2 Years Later

2 years ago today, I posted a 360 degree panorama movie of our back yard. Today I created an updated panorama for comparison. It’s amazing how much everything has grown in 2 years.

June 4, 2011
Please ignore that the grass needs to be mowed. We’re just happy it is so much healthier than it was 2 years ago. The beds are finally filling in, and the trees are maturing nicely. Many of the trees and shrubs seem to be twice as big as they were in 2009.

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June 4, 2009
I had just installed the playground back then, and hadn’t finished the mulch or edging around it.

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Here also is the full 2011 panorama as a single image. Click for a larger version.