Last Blast at Park District Preschool

Ian’s last day of park district preschool was today. The kids did a big song-and-dance routine, prompted by their fantastic teacher, Miss Jen.

Ian does his best Michael Jackson

A big hug for his friend Sarah

The full set of rugrats

Bird brain

We’re having a downpour today, so what better time for our idiot bird, Homer Robinson, to engage in mortal combat with his arch-nemisis, the Back Door. Here’s a video of the bird brain in action.

Notice how Homer staggers a bit after some of his more brutal attacks. His most effective tactic seems to involve depositing a large amount of bird snot while simultaneously cracking his forehead on the door. If he performs this attack enough times, the snot will obscure his reflection and he will no doubt rejoice in finally vanquishing his enemy.

This video also demonstrates how utterly ineffectual my cat is in defending our house from even the most minor threat. Good job watching that bird, Bill.

Cookie thief!

This evening after dinner, Ian was being very quiet. I went to find him and saw the top of his head sticking out from behind the living room table. I went over to see what he was up to and discovered what had happened to the leftover cookies from our Cub Scout meeting yesterday!


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