The Big One

The biggest winter storm since at least 1967 hit the Chicago area, resulting in up to 2 feet of snow.

The night of the big storm. The picture doesn't really capture the roaring winds or tempest of snow.

My car. This can't be good.

The morning after. Ian would be waist deep in snow if he were outside.

My car, in the middle of a 4 foot high snow drift

By the way, it was still snowing at this point

What used to be our patio. There's a table under there somewhere...

Didn't those chairs used to have legs? And seats?

Drapes of snow on the back door glass

Time to be silly.

I did eventually dig out the driveway, with a lot of help from my neighbor Chris who has a snow blower

Katra later braved the elements to snap some pictures from around the house

The fence at the back of the yard. That Katra took this picture proves that she can walk on the surface of the snow like a wood elf.

Our pergola, formerly 2 feet taller than this

Snow crabapple

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