Ian Turns 4

Ian celebrated his 4th birthday today. Since we had already had the big Gymquest party with his friends in January, we just had a family party at home.

Peek a boo!

Ian opted for M&M-encrusted cupcakes as his birthday cake. Once the candle was blown out (with a little assistance from Kyle), the cupcake didn’t stick around for very long.

Family Portrait

Ian came to us this evening and asked us to come see the picture he had made on the whiteboard. He did this all on his own. He wrote in his name and Mom, but we helped him with Kyle and Dad.

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Be good

As I was walking out the door this morning, this exchange took place:
Me: Bye Kyle! Have fun at school! Be good!
Kyle: Okay Daddy! Have fun at work! Be good!

I Like My Nose

Today in school Ian’s class read the book I’m Gonna Like Me , then worked on giving friends compliments. After that they drew pictures of things they like about themselves.


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