Double Secret Birthday

This year we decided to have a combined birthday party for Kyle and Ian with all of their friends. We rented out Gymquest, a nearby gymnastics center that also does birthday parties.

We began with a party for Kyle with all of his friends. There was food, cake, and lots of presents.

After Kyle’s party, we moved into the gym for 45 minutes of absolute chaos. The combined energy of 32 caked-up kids is a sight to behold.

We ended the day with a birthday party for Ian with all of his friends.

Pinewood Derby 2011

Pack 384 held the annual Pinewood Derby today at Oswego East High School. Dozens of cars were raced, and each car was run on all six lanes, so it was an all day event.

There were many, many cars being raced. Kyle's is third from the left in the front row on the foam, and mine is at the far left in the second row on the board with the other adult cars.

Kyle's car ready to race (far left lane)

The drivers eagerly await the start of the next race

Kyle's car squeaks in second (third lane from the left)

My car getting ready to race (second from right)

First place by a full length!

3 100ths of a second ahead of the next car

Kyle's car placed second among all the Tiger scouts. Here Kyle receives his trophy.

My car placed first among the adult cars.

The Winners!

Pinewood Derby Cars

For my pinewood derby car I drew the side and top profile freehand, traced it onto the car body, then cut it out with a jigsaw. I further shaped and smoothed it with my oscillating spindle sander and stationary belt sander, then hand sanded to get a perfectly smooth and regular contour.

My car body after shaping and sanding.

The bottom is hollowed out to allow space for weights.

I cut narrow strips of painters tape to mask the body

After staining, the taped lines show as the original pine color

The finished product

I made Kyle’s car a simple wedge design to allow him to do as much of the work as possible. I cut the shape on the table saw and rounded the corners on the router table. Kyle sanded it with my help, then I inserted weights and spray painted the car. Kyle decorated it with stickers and hammered in the wheels to finish the car.