Halloween 2010

This year Kyle went as Superman, and Ian decided to wear Kyle’s pirate costume from a couple of years ago. They both had parties at school, including parades, then came home to begin the Trick-or-Treating. Later that night Katra and I went out and terrorized some neighbors with our vampire costumes.

Ian at his school party

Kyle during his school parade

Superman is mummified with toilet paper. This photo made it into the yearbook.

Kyle with some of his buddies. This photo was also in the yearbook.

Making some Halloween cakes

Ian helps stir

Arrrrrrrrrrr, me maties!

Up, up and away!

Here we have a very rare breed of pirate, the Vampirate.

Vamping it up

Clean up!

There is a song called The Clean Up Song, which goes something like this:

Clean up, clean up,
Everybody clean up

This song is often used when persuading the boys to clean up after themselves.

Tonight, Katra called upstairs to the boys, telling them to sing the clean up song and clean their rooms. From upstairs we hear in Ian’s tiny voice:

“Kaywol, I sing and you clean up”

Ian, Down on the Farm

Ian’s preschool class made a visit to Kuipers Family Farm today. There were animals, tractors, pumpkins, a straw maze, and much more to keep a rowdy band of 4 year olds entertained.

Ian with his friend Sarah

Much more impressive than Ian's "Baby" sheep blanket.

Ian is almost one tractor wheel high.

Will touching this give me warts?

Soybeans: before and after

Navigating the straw maze

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