Kyle has a Cub Scout pack meeting tonight. We were on the way to the hardware store when we had this conversation:

Kyle: Daddy, where are we going?
Me: We’re going to Lowe’s, then we’ll go home and put your Cub Scout uniform on, then you know where we’re going?
Kyle: To Target?


A trip to the Capitol

While visiting Springfield, we had a chance to take Kyle out to see some local sites. We stopped at the Capitol, were we enjoyed the architecture and Kyle taught me a few things about photography.

The Illinois State Capitol Building

My boring, obvious photo of the inside the rotunda.

Katra and I looked over to see Kyle taking a picture like this. We weren't sure what he was up to until we saw the picture he took.

Kyle was lining up the arms of the statue so it looked like she was holding the rotunda in her hands. It was such a good and inspired shot that I had to copy Kyle. He did this entirely unprompted.

One of the four main halls into the building

A closeup showing some of the incredible architectural details

The ground floor under the rotunda. From here the four main halls lead to the outside.

A liberty bell replica that toured the state during the bicentennial in 1976.