Garden pics

Some pictures Katra took of the garden:

Our red, white and blue planter

Bumblebee on the salvia

The plantings around the base of the new Prairiefire Crabapple tree. With the exception of the small zinnias in front, these were all moved in from other locations.


The pergola at night

Purple Car II

During a recent trip to Michaels, we let Ian pick out a model car. Naturally, he picked the purple one to coordinate with his other purple car, known simply as “Purple Car”. This was a simple snap-together model that didn’t require paint, which was a good fit for Ian’s attention span. He served as the foreman on the construction job, helping me find parts and overseeing the action. Once assembly was complete, he helped me put the stickers on the car.

Inspecting the shipping crate

Always read the instructions

Time for a test drive!

Car wash

This is Ian’s “car wash” which he has built on our staircase. He lines up as many cars as possible, then shifts them around for 12 to 16 hours (ok, maybe not quite that long). As you can imagine, this makes it a little difficult to go upstairs.

Business is good!

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