Peeps Brûlée

Everyone is familiar with Peeps, the archetypal Easter marshmallow treat, but I bet you didn’t know you’ve been eating them raw all this time. Yes, in order to be truly enjoyed, a normal, everyday peep must first survive a ritual rite of peephood to become the legendary Peep Brûlée.

The first step is a nice impaling, ala Vlad Tepes. Don’t worry, this won’t hurt a bit…

Perhaps more suited for Halloween, this treatment serves well here to protect one’s hand during the second step:

…the trial by fire! Here our lowly peep is subjected to the blue flame of a propane torch just long enough to melt his sugary coating. A little browning is ok, but if blackness sets in you will know that peep was not peep enough for the task.

Once the fires have abated, the peep is allowed to cool briefly, as his once granular coating turns into a crispy, sugary layer of happiness.

Yes, once you have enjoyed Peeps Brûlée, you will never settle for ordinary peeps again.

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