Why no birds have won the Nobel Prize

Daddy robin here was busy defending his territory this morning from an uninvited intruder in the form of his own reflection in our sliding glass door. He would sit on the planter staring himself down, then jump up and knock his tiny little bird brain against the glass. Over and over. For two hours straight.

I finally put up a plastic container lid in front of the glass so he wouldn’t hurt himself. I’m sure he was happy to see the intruder gone, but will likely be disappointed to discover him trying to invade once again over at the neighbor’s glass door.

UPDATE (4/20/10): Katra reports our friend was at it again today. He must have recovered from the concussion he inflicted on himself yesterday. If birds are descended from dinosaurs, I think I may know the real reason why the dinosaurs went extinct.

Bend It Like Ian

Ian had his first soccer practice today. He’s in a group with 7 other boys and girls, and as you can imagine, making eight 3-year-olds play soccer is a bit like herding cats. The practice mostly involved learning to move the ball around. The kids were not terribly cooperative about lining up and shooting goals but they all had fun anyway.

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