The EyeClops Bionicam is a handheld electronic microsope that we got for me Kyle for Christmas. It has a small screen built in, or you can hook it directly to the TV. You can capture still images or movies on the included USB stick and transfer them to the computer.

Last night we had some fun taking some pictures of various things around the house. Here are a few samples:

Colored text from a book, 100x

Thumbprint, 100x

Carpet, 100x

My shirt, 200x

The back of our couch cushion, 100x

Glitter on a New Year's Eve hat, 100x

Curly ribbon, 100x

Green nylon fabric, 100x

Wood from my desk, 200x

Pink ink on a post-it note, 400x

Band-aid, 100x

Laptop screen, 100x

Laptop screen, 400x

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