Kyle es go to be Hre Pottr

Due to his CP and resulting difficulties with writing, Kyle was recently provided with a portable word processing device by his school. He still practices handwriting, but this device allows him to type to practice spelling and to do other projects that aren’t specifically focused on writing. The device has a small screen and a full size typewriter, and allows text to be entered and then printed out to any printer.


This afternoon when Katra picked up Kyle from school, his aide told her there was a surprise for us in his backpack. This is what she found:


Kyle is going to be Harry Potter. (for Halloween)

The note from his teacher reads, “He was not prompted. He came up w/ this sentence on his own. Kyle typed this on his own. Barb sounded out the words to him and he spelled them.” And there’s another note next to “Pottr” saying, “he knew this word needed two t’s.”

We were thrilled by this, to say the least. Seemingly out of the blue, Kyle starts spelling words from a sentence he made up himself. It may not seem like much, especially considering the spelling, but this is how they start teaching writing and spelling in our school district. The focus is on identifying the sounds that make up words and the letters associated with those sounds, and not so much on spelling every word correctly. They learn spelling for a group of words each month, and are expected to spell those words correctly, but for other words they are only expected to find an approximation.

Kyle was able to break up those words, identify the letters that made the sounds, and type them all into his computer. What makes this so amazing to us is that we have never seen Kyle do anything like this before. He has known all of his letters since he was 3 years old, but has never really known how to spell anything other than his name and a few other words.

Kyle has done a lot of things to amaze us and make us proud, but this one has to be at the top of my list. Way to go, Kyle!

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