Kyle’s Builtin – Desk drawers

The left side of the builtin consists of a desk with a small set of drawers below and shelves above. Here’s a side panel from the drawer cabinet, showing the dados for the bottom, top, and back panels:

Dry assembly, showing the groove for the face frame. The face frame is just a 3/4″x3/4″ length of poplar with a tongue to fit in the groove on each panel.

Final assembly of the drawer cabinet:

The drawer cabinet will contain a file drawer at the bottom with two shorter drawers above. Here’s the panels for the file drawer. These were made from edge glued 1×6 maple, planed to 5/8″. Lacking a dedicated jointer, I jointed the edges on my router table, which worked well enough that the seams are almost invisible:

The two shorter drawers, during dry assembly:

The box joint jig:

The short drawers after assembly and sanding:

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