Kyle’s Builtin – Window bench

I’m building a builtin window bench, bookcase and desk for Kyle’s room. The whole assembly will fit against his window wall, with the desk to the left, the window bench in the middle, and a narrow bookshelf to the right. I have completed the bench portion with the exception of the top. It’s currently unfinished, but will be painted white (“almost” white, anyway – the color is Quail Egg at Lowes)

The bench is broken into two sections to make it easier to get upstairs. Here’s the left section, built of MDO plywood:

This is the right section of the bench. The bookshelf will fit above the right end of this section.

This is a baffle that goes under the left portion of the bench. The room vent is not centered on the window, so this baffle simply allows the vent to be shifted over so it will be centered.

The face frame for the bench. Once this is applied to the front, the two bench sections will appear to be one continuous piece:

Closeup of the bead detail around the face frame openings. The bookshelf and desk will feature similar details. The bead is actually a separate trim piece that I fabricated then glued and nailed to the face frame.

Rear shot of the face frame showing the applied beads and the pocket screws used to hold the face frame together. These pocket screws combined with glue make for an incredibly strong and tight joint.

The assembly techniques for these cabinets was based on the Kitchen Project on New Yankee Workshop.

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