A trip to the pet store

We took Kyle and Ian to the pet store to let Kyle pick out some new fish. We came home with four guppies (2 yellow and 2 blue), 2 orange and black platys, three neon tetras, and a golden apple snail named Sammy the Snail.


Kyle’s Builtin – Desk drawers

The left side of the builtin consists of a desk with a small set of drawers below and shelves above. Here’s a side panel from the drawer cabinet, showing the dados for the bottom, top, and back panels:

Dry assembly, showing the groove for the face frame. The face frame is just a 3/4″x3/4″ length of poplar with a tongue to fit in the groove on each panel.

Final assembly of the drawer cabinet:

The drawer cabinet will contain a file drawer at the bottom with two shorter drawers above. Here’s the panels for the file drawer. These were made from edge glued 1×6 maple, planed to 5/8″. Lacking a dedicated jointer, I jointed the edges on my router table, which worked well enough that the seams are almost invisible:

The two shorter drawers, during dry assembly:

The box joint jig:

The short drawers after assembly and sanding:

Where’s Mr. McGregor when you need him?

This morning we saw proof that our rabbit is still very much alive and well (we thought he might have been hit by a car last fall).

This is the same rabbit that ate every single one of our edamame plants last spring. Time to send the cats outside. :D