The patio work continues

We brought back the company that put in our patio to finish up some of the masonry work in the back yard. This included capping off the vegetable garden wall that I had built and adding a low retaining wall along the north flower beds. We decided on the retaining wall because mulch and soil from the beds kept washing into the yard.

The vegetable garden. I built the semicircular wall, and we just had them cut and install the cap stones.

The columns next to the back stoop had started to tilt a little due to soil settling, so they rebuilt them under warranty.

The base for the retaining wall, and the block stacked in the yard.

The east path along the vegetable garden, which I finished installing earlier this spring.

A short extension to the vegetable garden wall.

The western end of the retaining wall, which surrounds the iris bed.

A view of the entire retaining wall

The step up to the patio, which is not completely finished.

The western path along the vegetable bed, also not finished.

Ian, serving as job foreman.

When the guy was outside rebuilding the column by the stoop, Kyle went and got some bricks and a hammer and joined in:

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