Progress with eating

Kyle still doesn’t take any food by mouth, but he has progressed a lot from a year ago when he would resist even touching food or utensils. We have been having him watch as Ian eats, in hopes that he will learn from Ian. Here he is playing with a spoon and some food:

Halloween at Lyon Farm

We took the boys to Lyon Farm in nearby Yorkville for their Halloween festival. There was games, trick-or-treating, and a costume parade where anyone could win prizes for their Halloween costume.

Here Kyle is playing the bean bag toss game:


Hammering a nail:

Climbing into the old box car:

Time for school!

Trick-or-treating at the old schoolhouse:

Anyone need water?

Trick-or-treating at another old house:

An old tractor:

Kyle’s First Magazine

We recently opened a subscription to National Geographic’s Little Kids magazine for Kyle. He was THRILLED to have his very own magazine to read. Best of all, it had a tiger on the front and a kitty on the back.