Our State Fair is a Great State Fair

Don’t miss it, don’t even be late! Or you might miss out on the giant slide!

That white blur about halfway down is Kyle and me. Needless to say, this ride was a big hit.

Next came the mini ferris wheel:

and the car ride:

What am I, a chauffeur?

Hmmm, looks like the sprocket retainment manifold is a little loose. Better work on that later.

Hold on to your hats, ladies!

And finally, the roller coaster.

and by then it was WAY past bedtime.

Breakfast at Wendy’s

Wendy’s is serving breakfast now. I’ll try almost anything once, so this morning we decided to give it a taste.

Keep in mind that this has been in the planning stages since way back when Katra worked at Wendy’s Corporate (7 or 8 years ago). In all that time they must have come up with something really, really good, right?

Let’s just say Audrey Hepburn would have walked right off the set of this production. It’s a rare dining experience that makes you long for Burger King. The only thing I can think of is perhaps Wendy’s has a cross-marketing deal with the manufacturer of Tums.