When Life Gets Ahead of You…

When life gets ahead of you, you just don’t take the time to post updates. I’ve received more emails than I can count over the past few months, asking for updates. I’ve responded to most by email, but I must apologize for the lapse in updating.

Things have been going very well here with Kyle. He’s grown so much, currently around 34lbs, and somewhere in the 37-38″ range (it’s been a while since we’ve checked height). When I look back at his weight this time last year, Kyle’s gained more than 10lbs. He’s now filling out the length in 3T clothing, but his waist needs adjusted (I’m so glad they sell pants that you can adjust). I really can’t get over the growth. This time last year, I bought his first size 18-24mo outfit, and it was baggy on him. By spring we were just needing 2Ts, and I thought for certain, given that I had to cuff them twice, that we would be in them through this winter. No such luck, so Mommy has been on a shopping spree getting his cold weather wardrobe in order. And cold it is!

Speaking of Mommy, it seems that Kyle is going to be a big brother, but I’ll post more on that below.

Catching up is the Game of the Day
Because Kyle missed his big developmental milestones at age 2, we seem to be well behind the development curve. However, each day we’re adding more repitition to learned words, and he can now phonetically pronounce more than half of the alphabet. This is a huge accomplishment, given that Kyle never developed the proper oral muscles that normally develop with eating. Eating is still at a stand still, nothing by mouth – but he will mimic eating sounds and expressions, play with some foods, and pretend feed his little people and stuffed animals.

Kyle is still not walking or standing independently, but we’re so close. On the standing front, we’ve managed to get him to stand solo, without him knowing it on several occasions. But as soon as he realizes what is going on, he sits down. We know he has the ability, particularly because he’s been going into a controlled sit from standing without holding on to anything for some time. For walking, we can now walk (sloppily) while holding one hand, and better with two hands. Kyle can also scale the stairs upward, then down by holding the ballisters.

Everything just takes so much time, but I know he won’t go off to kindergarten crawling – so I try not to get too emotional about it. It’s just hard sometimes when he’s frustrated and can’t communicate, or wants to do something that he’s physically unable to do.

School Already?!?!
In January, Kyle will be starting EI Preschool. Attending every day of the week, except Wednesday, from 8:30-11AM. The school is very close, and I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about it. We meet with the director next month, then again in December before he starts. Kyle will go through the routine testing as well, to ensure proper placement. Class schedule is a bit more than I expected, but I’m sure he’ll have a blast – he loves being around kids. We’ll continue with his regular therapy schedule on Wednesday’s in home.

In other family news… I’m 20 weeks pregnant today!
That’s right, we’re excepting a new baby in March (due date 3/13). We found out at 18 weeks that it’s going to be another boy – his name withheld, because life needs a few surprises ;). He’s healthy, active, and already measuring a week ahead.

Certainly with another pregnancy, comes many – MANY concerns. Early in the pregnancy, I was having blood pressure problems, undoubtedly stress induced. Fortunately, my levels are better now than they have been since I was pregnant last. I’ve been experiencing more braxton hicks contractions as the pregnancy progresses. With a few days consisting of 15-20 episodes, which can be frightening as I remember how things progressed before. However, the past week has been better.

Preventing, predicting, and managing pre-term labor has been the subject of most all of my OB & Perinatologist visits (I see them every couple weeks). To help I’ve spent the entire pregnancy on restricted activities (not quite modified bedrest). In addition, I began taking 17P Progesterone Shots to help in preventing PTL from occurring. It’s proven to be 42% effective in delaying PTL up to 32weeks, and 30% effective for the duration of pregnancy. Those that do deliver early, on average show higher birth weights, and better lung development. Which is very promising, given my history. The drs said without it, I have a 75% chance of going into pre-term labor. I have a home nurse that also comes in weekly to deliver the shots, and see how I’m doing. Should anything change, I’ll be put on contraction monitoring and issued a terbutaline pump (vs pills last time). But so far, despite increasing BHX, I’m doing worlds better over my last pregnancy.

I do have one very big oddity the drs are watching closely. Like last time, I’m measuring way ahead of where I should be. At my 15 week appointment I was measuring around 22+ weeks. By 16 weeks I was 24 weeks ahead, and at my last drs appointment (19weeks), I was measuring around 26 weeks. My uterus is a good 3 inches+ above my belly button, and I look every bit of it, as I start to really fill out my maternity clothes. I can’t remember the last time I saw my feet while standing.

As far as pregnancy weight gain is concerned, mine is almost non-existent. I lost 10lbs early on, because I was so sick. So far I’ve only gained back 2.5lbs (still down 7.5 lbs). I was overweight to begin with, so the drs aren’t concerned at this point. Saying that I might only get back to my pre-pregnancy weight by the time delivery comes. Which will be via c-section, due to having a vertical c-section with Kyle.

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