Catching the Curve

It seems that my posts get further and further apart. Since our move, and the launch of TeeniBanini, life has been a bit crazy.

Kyle is becoming the typical toddler, and enjoying the “Terrible Twos” a little more than we would have hoped, LOL. Overall, he’s still the best little boy in the world – but the little fake whining fits, and mommy getting her hair pulled in anger is just par for the course.

So what’s new??? I think the biggest news is that we are completely free from Oxygen. We actually haven’t used it at all since Early October. We kept the oxygen tanks through RSV season, and just got the all clear to return them to Apria Healthcare (our oxygen provider). I can’t tell you how emotional this is for us. Even though he’s been without it, this is the official cutting of the cord, so to speak. Kyle’s lungs are clear, he’s breathing well, and screaming almost to the level of a term child. This is just HUGE for us. We are also done with RSV Shots, with the last shot given the last week of March. With exception of his annual flu shot, we are done with shots until he enters Kindergarten.

More big news… I’m sure you remember my obsessive posting about his growth, and being behind the curve. Well, I’m happy to report that Kyle has gone through a tremendous growth spurt through the winter. They are now measuring him on the normal Term Growth Chart by actual age, not corrected age.

Here are the stats from his two-year well baby in January:
36 inches – 75-80% in height
27 lbs – 30% in weight.

Kyle isn’t walking independently yet, but he’s so close! He has been cruising for months, even before Christmas. And now he’s taken to monkey walking – with his legs and arms extended. He can also climb up and down the stairs with ease, and climb up into low chairs and such. He’s also been working on his escape plan from the SuperYard and Crib. Kyle piles all of his toys, or pillow and blankets into the corners, then stands on them – trying to hoist himself over the side. This is one time that I’m thankful that he doesn’t have the upper body strength yet. I don’t think we’re ready for a toddler bed yet.

Talking… We are entering a new frontier in the world of little humans, talking. Kyle is getting great at process words, Up and Down, In and Out, Open and Close, On, ball, bath. He also says the first syllable sounds for many words, such as: petting, play, boat, etc. Then there are words that he says a few times, and never repeats, LOL. And then the questions he asks, What is dat?, How Come?, I duh know, and Uh-Oh – LOL.

Singing… Singing is the order of the day. Since he was just a little baby, Kyle has babbled songs, eventually doing babble in the tune of specific songs. Now the songs are developing words, Row Row Row Boat (Row your boat), puhpuh buh Up ee Down (people on the bus go Up and Down), Pied Up Pied Down (Itsy Spider), and he does a little sign language and babbling for Two Little monkeys Jumping on the Bed. And let’s not forget the motions for Itsy Spider, Patty Cake, Lil Teapot, and a few more.
I’m amazed at all the wonderful new things he is doing. For a child that was given so little hope for any quality of life, even if he managed to survive – he has truly proven them all wrong.

certainly Kyle is still behind, but mostly limited by physical/motor delays that will continue to be overcome in time. As any parent, I worry for his future – but as each day passes, the worries about his disabilities become less of a concern – because as each day passes, he overcomes one more thing that we never thought possible.

Well, enough babble… Here are some pictures for the past week. First, our big trip into the City to see Daddy at work. This is Trumps new building in the background. I thought Kyle might like to see this when he gets older. Daddy’s office is located just across the street, so he gets to see it being constructed.

Always take time to smell the roses, err… Tulips.

Sleeping in the big boy bed.

And a close up of the big boy.