TeeniBanini: A new era in life

Time has come for me to announce a major change in our life. I’m finally fulfilling a dream, inspired by my little one. I’ve opened a custom and ready-to-wear boutique clothing store. Right now we’re operating off of the web, and hope to move our lines into boutique stores throughout the Chicago Area.

With Kyle as my inspiration, I’ve developed several different lines and styles of Girl’s Clothing, Boy’s Clothing, and Accessories; Infant through Child sizes (mommy & me coming in Spring/Summer 06). I should be adding more inventory and photos throughout the coming weeks, as we continue to establish our lines, and forward new designs to models for more marketable photos.

Our company is called: TeeniBanini. Please take a moment to visit our site at: http://www.teenibanini.com
While there, be sure to register for our newsletter. We will be holding a drawing at the end of each month and offering discount codes, exclusively to our member list.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the pieces we have to offer:

From our TechnoTot Line, the Lounge Set. Logo T is customizable with your child’s name.

Also from the TechnoTot Line: Coordinating Jeans that feature a matching D-ring belt.

And of course we can’t leave out the girls, From our Silver Spoon Collection:
Retro Chic Patchwork Twirl Set

Here’s a peek at our Something Sweet Line:

And of course we offer so much more, from brocade and satin blankets to bibs and burps cloths. Please stop by.

But before I leave, here’s a picture of Kyle on his new Kettler Trike. I call this one, “Safety First”


Kyle turned 2 on the 30th. What a major milestone! He’s so very in to elmo these days. So of course, Elmo was the theme of the party. And he just couldn’t take his eyes off of the mylar of Elmo’s Head, LOL. It was a great party. My Mother & Father in law both came in, as well as several of our friends and close neighbors. Well, anyway. here are a couple pictures.