Update from Loyola

We’re at Loyola now. There were several problems with the transfer, but to cut out all the garbage that happened, here’s a quick update.

Kyle is doing MUCH better now :) Oxygen is down to 1/2 litre. His chest x-ray from this morning no longer shows the pneumonia, just a little infiltrate of hazing. The drs have discontinued the Vancomyacin, and he’s only on Clindomycin (sp?) now. They’re starting IV nutrition, vs just fluid through the veins, today. And Monday we begin a series of tests to ensure that the Fundo is the right procedure, and that there are no other issues making the situation worse.

We’ll be here for at least another week :( But I’m set up at the Ronald McDonald house, so I can take breaks and rotate with Karl.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. And to the ladies at WebMD, Twinshock & HCTS that follow us – Tell everyone that Kyle sends big kisses :)

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