Life is like a Roller Coaster

Well, just to keep this short and sweet – we’re sick again (which means this post will be long). Kyle & Mommy this time. It seems that he’s contracted Bronchitis and a stomach infection. Last week, Kyle was not himself, after returning from a trip to visit Grandma & Papa Ayappa. Although the trip was pleasant, when we arrived home, his oxygen requirements started to spike from 1/16litre or less to 3/4litre – eventually reaching 1.5 litres.

First stop was a trip to the GI doctor on Wednesday. His formula was changed from nutramigen to Pediasure and his prevacid dose was doubled. We’re happy for the cost savings (1/2 the cost of nutramigen when you factor cost/calorie), and when Kyle does reflux, he doesn’t seem to mind it as much – probably because of all of the sugar in it – grrrrrr!!! BTW – we found out here that he weighed 22lbs & was just shy of 30 inches. We’re all pleased with his growth.

Next stop was to see the Pediatrician on Thursday. His suggestion, resume the atrovent nebulizer treatments and start Robitussin Cough & Cold. The x-ray from this visit did reveal that the small air sacs in his lungs were collapsing (not the full lung, just small pockets). However, we did find that the pneumonia from last month is completely gone – YAY!!!

And if the cold and cough wasn’t enough, Sunday (mother’s day), I go to get him ready for bed and notice a little stain on his onsie in the g-tube area that wasn’t there earlier. I get a better look, moving the g-tube around – and I see it, redness, clear puss & pink blood… PANIC, no, be calm… in 10 minutes we were packed and on the road for the ER, expecting to be kept overnight at minimum.

Now at the ER, the Dr examines him – his stomach is tender, and a little fluid is present, along with a knot that wasn’t as obvious at home – whatever it is – it’s moving fast!!! A little something about Kyle’s health, when anything happens with him – it’s quick – and I mean QUICK. His oxygen levels can spike from normal to well over a litre within one hour – a rash can spread in minutes. And it takes weeks for a simple scratch to go away. He’s hypersensitive to anything and everything it seems.

Well, a culture was taken, and we were sent home with yet another prescription, this one for Augmentum. I’m glad to report that by the next morning, we were already seeing positive results, and it continues to get better as each day passes.

On Tuesday however, I woke up with a severe sore throat, by that evening I started coughing pink blood – from what I thought was irritation. By Wednesday morning, I could barely speak and was in horrible pain. I had already started taking Robitussin Cough & Cold the day before with no relief. I call my drs office – CLOSED, so off to the ER I go. Being an adult, I’m able to detail my symptoms a little better than an infant. After a few tests, an x-ray to rule out pneumonia the doctor returns with my diagnosis. Acute Bronchitis with Asthmatic symptoms (bronchospasms). I’m sent home with Prednisone & Albuterol for the next week.

I hadn’t even been discharged, and was on the phone with Karl to get in touch with Kyle’s drs. By the time I arrived home, the drs had lined up a treatment path for Kyle – since it was now obvious that Kyle and were sharing the same cold. Kyle was prescribed a 4 day burst of Orapred (steroids), and a 2 week run of Xopenex (albuterol neb alternative). He’s already responding well to the Steroid treatment, as his oxygen is currently standing just under 1/2 litre after only 24 hours.

In my discussion with Kyle’s pulmonologist, she disclosed that the infection was more than likely due to the Bronchitis. With a child such as Kyle, they expend so much energy and strength to breath, especially when they are ill, that other things can slow – such as digestion. With this bacteria growth can occur. If the system is busy fighting a virus in a vital support system (breathing ranks above digestion in hierarchy) – other areas do not get the protection they need. Therefore, the abscessed area in the stomach due to bacteria growth/infection. It amazes me how the body works – all the things we’ve learned during this time… It’s just incredible!

Well, to end on a good note – I am happy to report that as of last Friday, Kyle did indeed cut 4 new teeth – his entire top row. This brings the toofer count to 7!!! Below are some pictures of our trip down to Grandma’s:

Kyle with his Aunt Shelly

Kyle with his Great Grandma Saroja

Kyle just hanging out in his exersaucer