More Firsts: THE HAIRCUT

It’s been obvious for some time that little Kyle, is not so little anymore. He’s growing into a little Toddler, my little boy (cry). After our most recent Well Baby visit, Kyle is now 29.5 inches long and just over 21lbs. In addition, he’s learning to move all over. Still just rolling, but with a little assistance, he’ll sustain his weight on his hands and knees for a brief moment… It’s a start.

We’ve been attending Gymboree class for the past month, and he loves it. The kids, the activities – it’s all so exciting for him. We’re in the 6-12mo Gymcrawler play group. Even though Kyle isn’t crawling, standing or walking at this time – he’s a champion sitter, and doesn’t mind having mom tote him around to the slide and various obsticles courses set up for the day.

Grandma & Papa Knoernschild were in town the past couple of days, and they had the pleasure of attending Kyle’s Gymbo class this week. They got to watch him kneeling on the foam steps, sitting on the parachute while we spun it around, popping bubbles, and clapping his hands every time the instructor broke into song. Grandma even helped catch Kyle as he was lauched several times down the slide with a big grin on his face.

Daddy met us after Gymboree Class for Lunch at one of our favorite Lunch Eateries, the Corner Bakery. It was getting gloomy outside, and our plans of an afternoon at the Morton Arboretum were still up in the air. As we were walking out of the cafe, trying to decide what to do – I spotted a Kid Snips Hair Salon next door. I had been complaining about Kyle’s hair for the past couple of weeks – and even broke out daddy’s hair gel to keep it in place. So, in we went…

KidSnips is an excellent place to take your child, they have chairs that look like jeeps, cars & trucks – offer music or video’s for entertainment, and the workers are extremely gentle with the children. Kyle enjoyed watching Baby Dolittle for his first cut. Moving only when the stylist got in the way of the TV.

Here are some pictures taken during this big first:
Going for a ride in the Big Red Jeep

The first snip…

Close-up starting the sides…

Almost done…

The final shot will be loaded later – daddy forgot to take it with our camera, and I’ve yet to scan the copy the Salon gave us… And yes, not only did they give us an evelope with hair, they gave us a digital printout, and a nice certificate for his First Haricut (cry, cry, cry).

After we finished, the weather had cleared just enough to go for a drive and short stroll around the arboretum. Since the sun had peeked out – it was time to pull out the shades!

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