growing, Growing, GROWING!!!

Well, we had our 1 year well baby check up the other day, and to our pleasure – we are happy to report that Kyle has finally hit the “average” mark on the growth charts!!!

Here are his stats:
Weight: 20.06lbs (75%)
Height: 28 inches (55%)
Head: 44cm (50%)

I thought I would take a moment to include a few of my favorite pictures of him as well – since it’s been a while:

Playing on the Computer with Daddy

Sleepytime Baby

Homemade Texture/About Me Book
from Grandma Knoernschild

Practicing Weening from Oxygen

My big boy cake

Happy First Birthday!!! (I’m a little tired, because I didn’t get a nap)

Merry Christmas w/Mommy & Daddy