It’s been a while!

Hi all, so sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. We’ve just been so busy!!! Here’s a quick update:

At the end of October, they stopped the steroids. We have dropped from 1.5-2litres in oxygen to 1/8-1/4… That’s right – we’re WEENING!!!

In November, Kyle got tubes in his ears – doing great! Hear’s wonderfully :D Thank you Dr. Hotaling!

In December, Kyle got a g-tube put in :( poor baby. He just refuses to eat, so this is really helping with his refulx. I don’t regret the decision, but I do want him to eat some day – it’s hard facing this as a parent, but Kyle is a trooper!

We have also hit a MASSIVE growth spurt!!! Here are the stats:
Height: 27inches – 50%, yep that’s right WE’RE NORMAL!!!
Weight: 19lb 11oz – 80%, starting to level out finally
Head: 43cm (not alot of growth here, but that’s okay) – 40%

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