Hitting the Curve at Record Pace!

It seems my little guy is not so little any more! He just keeps amazing us at his record growth. Typically babies follow a growth curve, but Kyle seems to be shooting straight up, instead of following the line. We are being tracked on a VLBW (very low birth weight/ less than 1200 grams at birth) Boys chart, based on his corrected age. The Doctor joked that we may need to move him to the LBW chart next month, if he continues at this pace. Keep in mind, that when Kyle came home – he wasn’t even close to ranking in the 3% tile category. As a matter of fact, he was so low on the length chart – that he was overlapping the weight graph just below it.

Here are his stats:

  • Weight: 16lb 9oz (85%)
  • Height: 23.5 inches (30%)
  • Head Circ: 41cm (35%)
  • Feeding: 4 2/3oz 6x/day

We also pulled him off of all his nebs and puffers 2.5 weeks ago (which upset the pulmonologist), within 2 days his oxygen requirement dropped from 2 1/4 litres to .75-1 litre, and he began taking his bottle. She said he sounds clear and looks good, so I guess all wasn’t as bad as she made it out to be.

I had been researching his meds and found that the Flovent causes a sore throat and eating averssion (more pain in swollowing), and that the nebs – being stimulants, can also have adverse reactions if you are allergic to them. We already no Kyle is allergic to caffiene, a stimulant, and some of my relatives are allergic to albuterol – more specifically when used regularly. So, I keep the puffer on me for emergency sake (but haven’t had to use it yet).

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