The Big Weigh-In & Med Line-Up

Kyle had his weekly visit from our wonderful home nurse, Nancy. Here are the medicine & feeding changes:

  • NO MORE Ferrous Sulfate/Iron (Hurray)
  • Prevacid is now 2x’s day (instead of 1x)
  • Albuterol & Atrovent Neb’s only 2x/day instead of 3x/day
  • Feedings are now at 4oz/120cc’s 7 times/day

Now, on to bigger & better news… It appears that Kyle’s weight gain has finally stabilized. After 5 weeks of dramatic increases, we maintained a relative weight, topping off around 14lbs. It seems that the changes in his calories/oz and increase in diuretics, have helped. However, if he doesn’t have a gain next week, we’ll have to re-evaluate the situation.

Weights & Measures
Weight: 14lb 1oz (6.39kilo)
Height: 22 Inches (56cm)
Head Circ: 40 cm

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