Thank Goodness for Infant CPR Training!

Well, Kyle decided to celebrate his eight month birthday by giving us the scare of our life!

Today, about an hour after he was done with his feeding, Kyle coughed and spit up. It came bubbling out of his nose. I quickly grabbed him, and Karl grabbed the electronic suction machine – we cleared his nose and throat – and I removed his NG tube, but he still couldn’t breath and he was turning blue. So, I flipped him upside down (tummy-side down) and did 3 rounds of 5 thrusts on his back, clearing his mouth and nose with the suction machine each time… And finally he took a breath! It seemed like forever!!!

Karl had called 911 right at the beginning of me doing the thrusts, and within a couple minutes of me finishing – five paramedics where standing in my front room. Kyle was still in distress however, and 2 litres of oxygen wasn’t enough (the most we could do here). He was only satting 72% at that point – so they quickly set him up on a higher flow, blow-by mask. And we headed out the door to the Pediatric ER at Edwards Hospital in Naperville. By the time we got settled in the ambulance Kyle was back to normal. He had a great ride; laughing, smiling and talking to the paramedic the entire trip (he was proudly practicing his new “ELL” sound – sticking his tongue out as to give instructions to the paramedic who was mocking him).

We were in and out of the ER in 1.5 hours, but on the way home, they called us back to do a blood culture (per our Pediatrician), just in case. During our initial visit a chest x-ray was done, and they did find a little area in his upper left lung that was cloudier than a month ago when we where there. Most likely, one of the bugs he had in the NICU (found during a trach aspirate) finally decided to infiltrate. It’s obviously slow moving, so a simple round of Amoxicillin was prescribed to treat it. They also said that his O2 should go back to normal after that (it’s been a little high for the past month).

What a day!!!

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