Movin’ on Up!

Well, it’s almost time to say goodbye to our infant car seat. Turns out that our little guy is getting a little too “wide” for it. Sure, he has plenty of room to go in the length, but he’s so crammed in – it makes me uncomfortable to look at him.

So, today we purchased the new Evenflo Triumph DLX. It’s an upgraded version of their Triumph 5 model, which came with excellent reviews. Plus, it’s not too big, such as the Britax models. The Triumph came with extra pads for comfort support and to help craddle Kyle in a bit better. He’s still a little guy, so we wanted to be careful about that (safty you know).

Anyway, I think I’ll keep both car seats in the car for a while. Just in case I go to the grocery store, until my Bjorn is returned…. Oh, and there’s yet another story…

We no sooner got our Baby Bjorn Active carrier, and it was recalled due to a latch problem on the back harness. The parts are on order from Sweden, but until they arrive, and my carrier is shipped back – I’m out of luck. I’m so upset too, because I only got to use it three times, and I LOVED IT. Finally, I was able to move around freely with Kyle and his oxygen…

Oh well, it’s always something isn’t it.

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