Big, Bigger, BIGGEST…

It’s been a while since I updated the blogger – but this is a one woman job, and the woman has had her hands full. LOL.

Kyle’s home nurse came to visit on Tuesday, he weighed in at a Whopping 14lbs!!!! I can’t believe it, my guy is actually in the 75% for weight!

As for the rest. His head circ was 39cm, or 5%, and length was 55cm (still just shy of 5%). We are still struggling with the length, but he’s getting there. Having BPD, we find that little things such as hand size, foot size and length are all proving to be challenges to overcome. The drs say in time, that this will correct itself – so we try not to focus on that.

Big news on the developmental front. In addition to his ever increasing vocabulary (current favorite phrase: gunka-bunka-boo), Kyle is holding his head upright and controlling turn quite well. He’s not nearly as coordinated during tummy time, but he tries… We’re just happy that he likes tummy time :)

Also, Physical Therapy has been coming to the house 2x week. And with there training, Kyle can now almost completely roll over without assistance. In our last session, she raised his leg, just slightly crossing the other (without bringing the hip off of the ground), and Kyle flung himself over 3x’s!!! I was so proud of him. He’s also learning to bring toys to his mouth and overcome his left-sided delays (he favors everything to the right). He’s now reaching for toys on his left, and turning his head more to the left… Which is a wonderful, since we found out that he has torticollis and the muscles in that side of his neck are quite stiff.

Well, that’s the short and skinny. As I can, I will update more. Picture will follow soon, I’m sure. Karl needs to develop some film – or get batteries for the digital – SOON! :)

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