Gaining Too Much Weight!

I never once thought Kyle’s weight GAIN would be a problem, but it is now…

As I mentioned the other day, he weighed 9lb 2oz when he came home. Today Kyle weighed in at a whopping 13lb 5oz!!! HOLY COW!

His waist has grown 3cm over last week (of course he had just eaten), but his length is not keeping up with the pace.

A couple of weeks ago, Kyle caught a cold and his oxygen requirement shot up. The doctor ordered a small burst of predinosalone (steroids) for 5 days straight (usually he is takes it every other day). Ever since then he’s been retaining extra fluid and packing it on… Which of course will only make it more difficult for him to breath.

So, we have now increased our Lasix to M-W-F vs. M-Th only. In addition, we’re going from .5ml to .7ml. We are also increasing his Aldactazide (another diuretic), which he takes twice daily… Now that is set at 1ml vs. .8ml.

One more note, some of that gain is normal gain, and he’s been acting like he’s starving – so we’re going from 105cc to 115 (almost 4oz) 7x/day.

Here are his total stats from his weekly home nurse visit:
Weight: 6.34kilo/13lb 5oz
Length: 53cm (55cm at the doctors office on Friday)
Head Circ: 38.5cm
BELLY: 44cm

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