Ahhhh – Sweet Paci!

Oh, yes… This is the discussion of the PACIFIER… The sweetest gift ever given to a preemie!

As for Kyle, if you even attempt to take his pacifier from him during feeding or nap time, you’re likely lose a hand!

Just to give a brief history of Kyle’s intense love with the pacifiers, let’s take a picture stroll through time.

Here I am with my first pacifier by Wee Thumbie.

See how big I’ve grown… Now I get to use the Preemie Wee- Soothie. I’m already planning my escape!


Hey, are you sure about this… It looks a little big.

Okay, whatever you say… Here I am with my Big Boy, Soothie Paci – it smells like vanilla!

Here I am with my Secret Agent Paci – 007 Eat your heart out!

And here I am sound asleep with my Paci Roll :)

Life is always good with my paci by my side!

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